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This is an old one that I just rediscovered in a school notebook: a what-if showing the Salterre gang sitting in on my English class. From sketchy left to right are Alyssa, Jeriko, Gray, and Timber. And Gray is levitating a pencil at the end there. This was not the most riveting English class ever.

Not New!

This one was done quickly at work with whatever highlighters and Sharpies were handy. There weren't any skin tones available, so Gray and Jeriko are momentarily albinos. And there wasn't time to draw a background, so they're fighting in limbo. It's probably Gray's fault that they're there. She has the most fun with gravity, and the lack thereof.

Sometimes we're too silly for our own good, and this is one of those times. Ever since the third panel on this page was sketched, it looked like the prince should be saying "Whose underwear are these?!" The spoof spread from there.

Bothering Jeriko is something that Gray takes great pleasure in. You can probably tell.

In my karate class, we learned this move. I thought it was awesome and worthy of drawing. So, Gray will now be demonstrating various useful things on this random guy whenever I feel like drawing another one. Yay! Poor random guy!

While we were planning out what the major races of the world should be, we decided that the fae had to be included in some form (or, knowing them, in many forms). Here's Stone's concept art for the average elf.

And here's concept art for the race that began as dwarven-types, and has since become something far more interesting. This is a picture of one of them deliberately looking normal. If we were to try and draw how he looks the rest of the time, it would be a whole lot harder...

In discussing what fun things might happen with the Salterre crew in our world, we came up with a few fun thoughts. Such as this. Here is Gray amusing herself one fine morning, keeping the wildlife on its toes.

Gray has befriended the squirrels. The world may never be safe. (Look! Jeriko's wearing a sweater! And no hat!)

This is very pale and sketchy, because it was a quick sketch of a silly idea. This could easily happen.

Part of being a werewolf means being able to turn human, right? So what would happen when someone who's been a dog all his life is suddenly expected to act civilized? Probably a few things along these lines.

I was reading this comic, and thought some of the haircuts looked nifty. So I drew a bunch, as well as a couple of other things. You probably can't see it, but that little washed-out sketch at the top corner is of someone sitting on the ground rubbing her head, saying "Stupid tree." The tree says, "I resent that."

This started as sketchy fun, and turned into a decent picture of Gray doing what she does best: pestering Jeriko. Although he doesn't know it yet. But oh, he will. He's very attached to that hat.

Someone told us that Timber needed clothes. How do you go about fitting a werewolf with clothing, anyways? It'd be hard to find something comfortable...

If this guy looks regal, that's because he's a prince. If he looks spiky and dangerous, that's because he is. He modeled that armor after a certain species farther down the page. This guy is one of the villains.

What kind of little furry animal would Gray love to have as a pet? Naturally, something that provokes comments from the peanut gallery. This, my friends, is a ritter. In the young and slobbery stage.

This is the first sketchy design page for the race of creatures seen pictures above in cuddly kit form. They grow into three distinct body types, which have different roles in the colony/clan. The tiny writing is my notes to myself; if you can puzzle it out, cheers for you, but if not, don't worry. You'll see 'em in the comic eventually.

This here is the page of inexcusably horrible face sketches done while I tried to figure out what this species actually looks like. Horrible, I say. But it helped pave the way to better art.

...Such as this. Here are three headshots that I'm relatively satisfied with, which demonstrate the differences between the three types. And up above is a sketch of a parent cuddling a pair of kits and two eggs (which are patterned like that so I could tell where they were among the skribbles). And because I feel sorry for anyone trying to read that writing, it says "breeder/parent," "builder/lookout," and "hunter/guard."

In the process of planning future character interactions, this scene came to mind. Bearing in mind that that pucks are, well, puckish creatures, what would happen if two pucks met in the woods? Very possibly this.

We'll be seeing a number of these guys in the near future, as certain characters try not to run afoul of them. Really, who'd want to get on the bad side of something with that much natural armor?

This is a very pale concept-art sketch of somebody that we won't be seeing for quite some time (but he's fun to try to draw anyways). In case you're wondering, the tiny handwriting says that it's a sock puppet shark that he's wearing on his left hand. And it does say "Fairy" on his shirt.

Attempt number two at drawing the above goofball; this one turned out much better. Probably because I was using Abril's art for reference, and Abril's art is awesome. (Abril! Update your comic!)

This is the first real drawing of the main-est main characters; before this there were only sketches. Here we get to see who's tallest and shortest, and we get a couple of amusing expressions as well.

This is Jeriko, the original drawing. And for those of you wondering where we get our character ideas, why from ourselves, of course.

This is Gray. You haven't met her yet, but you will. This pic was drawn during a spate of looking at other people's art for ideas, so if it bears a striking resemblance to an old drawing that Vera had on her site years ago, that's why.

Here's some sketchy fun character development. This is pretty much how the three of them would react to seeing a pickup lacrosse game.

...And here's the sequel. It's a good reason the players wear padding; those lacrosse sticks are painful.

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