Fan Art!

Nifty things that other people drew for us.
This is all copyrighted twice, so don't steal.


Carrie has finished the sketch based on the third panel of this page. Ooo, pretty.

Not New!

Carrie sketched this at the same time I was starting this. I'd say that expression was worth chronicling twice!

Carrie drew us this bit of awesome a while ago, and somehow we missed putting it on the fanart page. It's a fun reference to our future plans for the comic -- it'll be a while, but this sort of thing could happen. And on a side note, we really need to set up a cast page with color pictures.

This is another great one from Carrie. It's more a fanart for Behind the storyboards than Chronicles of Salterre, since it's from life -- Carrie's first visit and tour of our crazy living space.

Here's an awesome work in progress from Carrie of Gray being acrobatic -- in full color! OooOo!

And another fancomic from Carrie, depicting an amusing moment that involved falling notebooks, among other things.

Fancomic from Carrie! Once you get on a roll in pointing out innuendos, not even threats of duct-taping can stop it.

A sketchy Gray with crazyfingers engaged! Watch your head; she bites. Courtesy of Carrie from Insert Title Here.

Apparently Carrie liked the third panel of this page so much that she wanted to draw it herself. Adorable!

Unconventional fanart! Stone's friend Anthony made a Timber character in City of Heroes, and has been known to run about quoting "Ball! Get the ball!" It is officially awesome. And here are the other screen shots: one, two, three, four, and five. (A side note: the color is interesting partly because we've been drawing Timber in black and white, and partly because Anthony is a wee bit colorblind. Imagine his surprise when someone wondered if the werewolf had some moss-related nature connection.) We loves our green wolfy.

Huzzah, fanart of Timber! This was drawn by Stone's coworker Theresa Blue, and while she doesn't have a website at this point, we'll be sure to post a link the moment we hear about one. Good stuff.

This is an awesome first fanart to get. It's a posed depiction of the trio, drawn by none other than Jonathan Dalton of A Mad Tea-Party. He drew it in retaliation for the fanart I did of his own main character. (It's under the name Mara B.) Hooray for fanart!

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