Old News


  The Computer Troubles are over, and we update again! Hooray! There are oodles of new Behind the Storyboards, and of course more are on the way.


  This is Mados. He's interesting. And just possibly a little crazy. ("Crazy?" you might say, "Why, he'll fit in just fine." You would be right.) And in other news, there is a grand total of one new entry in Behind the Storyboards. (Yes, a sad haul indeed. More next week. Possibly involving a horse.)


  Behold, new stuff! Carrie draws cool trees! Timber's shapeshifting is partially explained! And there's more fun to be had in Behind the Storyboards!


  Big news! Our good friend Carrie has joined the creators' team, and will be contributing to the art. Hooray! And there are nine new Behind the Storyboards strips, so it's a good day all around!


  We return after this unscheduled hiatus with a new page (yay) and no less than fifteen extra comics in Behind the Storyboards (woohoo)! If all goes according to plan, the updating should be more regular again. Here's hoping life doesn't get in the way, as it tends to do.


  We have the computer back! Hooray! Life can go on. Behold the new comic, in which we finally see Jeriko follow up on his glare, and the new Behind the Storyboards, in which all sorts of entertaining things happen. All sorts, I say!


  So that took longer than expected, but we're finally back on the air. There's a new page with a mini-cliffhanger (ooOoo!), and a new batch of Behind the Storyboards. This includes my Hourly Comic for this year, and a few others. More next week, barring any unforeseen Acts Of Life.


  Yes, that's a boot. No, it's not edible. Further explanations will be forthcoming. And if the page looks a little fuzzy, that's because we had computer problems and had to use a digital camera instead of a scanner. Same deal for the two new Behind the Storyboards. But hey, it's all there, and we can hopefully fix it next week. In other news, today is Hourly Comic Day, when interested artists draw one comic for each hour they're awake. Since I'm writing this just after midnight and I have to work in the morning, it remains to be seen how decent this year's comics will be. But they will certainly be a fun challenge!


  This week we have one new page, with Gray about to do something interesting, and two new Behind the Storyboards. Also an appearance in Insert Title Here! Yay! This happened on one of our games-and-movie nights, which are always full of ideas for comics.


  Ooh, a big reveal! For anyone who hasn't guessed already. And in other areas, we have a finished piece of fanart, and a few new comics in Behind the Storyboards. Turns out that a lot of funny things have been happening since the last huge update, and they need to be properly chronicled!


  Now we're really back, having done with Christmas shopping, wrapping, and partying, then New Year's Eve/Day and a lengthy trip for Christmas The Sequel. All that's left to eat up our time now is exercisin' and socializin'. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, enjoy the new comic page (Look! They're actually leaving the city!) and the new Behind the Storyboards. As always, there will be more.


  We're back! From weeks of costume-making and NaNoWriMo and other such distractions. The comics have been piling up. This may be the biggest Behind the Storyboards update yet. Hooray! And there's a sketchy new fancomic too. Hooray again! And we finally have Stone's 24-Hour Comic up in the BtS section. Huzzah!


  Behold the mid-week update! Marvel at Gray's many titles! Snicker at Jeriko's eye-rolling action! And be downright amazed at how many Behind the Storyboards strips are in the extras this week. And that's not even including Stone's 24 Hour Comic, which still needs to be scanned. More for next week! Assuming Halloween doesn't get in the way. Some more. Oh well, anything that delays updates tends to provide more comicking material!


  Once again, we grace the website with an update. The plan is to continue in a weekly fashion, as before. Life done got busy, is all. Anyways. This week's new page comes with a lengthy project in the Behind the Storyboards section, with another similar effort to follow next week (and some regular BtS strips too). Enjoy!


  Ta da! The new update has arrived, with the rest of the Behind the Storyboards strips from the Disneyland adventure. With more to come!


  We live! And we busy. But here's the new page, with many new Behind the Storyboards strips and a sketchy thing in Salterre Art. There will be other comics about our Disneyland trip up next week. Ta!


  Once again with the updating! There's a new Behind the Storyboards, and two fancomics that should have been posted before. Perhaps the next update will include some comics about our Disneyland trip!


  Up front, Timber demonstrates that he can fetch without being asked, and further antics continue Behind the Storyboards. In other news, we're thinking of reoganizing the BtS section into a proper comic archive with Previous/Next buttons. The trick will be to figure out how to do this while keeping the same update-with-lots-at-once schedule. (It's looking like the best solution is just to do more html work with each update, and keep the old formatting as well.) Any thoughts?


  Hopefully the massive haul of minicomics will make up for the lateness this week. We are continuingly befuddled by how busy our lives are these days. At least it makes for good comicking!


  Oooo, the new page has kissing! And an unpleasant awakening for Jeriko. Gray seems to be enjoying herself, though. And in other news, more minicomics!


  Behold, another late update! It comes with both minicomics and fanart! Such a productive week-and-half this has been.


  We live! We comic! And we update with extras. Enjoy.


  As promised, we have that other Behind the Storyboards strip, and a couple of fanart sketches as well. If Carrie gets a chance to finish them, then we'll post those versions, but 'till then, let the world see the awesome beginnings!


  Here's the new page, and the one extra for this update. There's another Behind the Storyboards strip in the works, but that'll have to wait for next weekend. In other news, we finally have a new scanner! It took some work to set up, but it actually functions, and that is a glorious thing indeed.


  Life goes on, despite family tragedies. And funny continues to happen.


  So this update was intended to appear on my birthday, but Comicgenesis was having Horrible Problems, so it's going up now. There's a new page, many new Behind the Storyboards comics, and behold! We now have a comment box! Hopefully it is functional. Feel free to test it. Now read, post, and be merry!


  No extras today, sadly, but there are plenty of BTS strips halfway done that should be ready for next week. And they are funny and true. Meanwhile, a new setting! An actual background! A new color! And more questions raised, which will be answered in the next couple of pages. Oh yes, we are going places now.


  Lo and behold, a new page in less than a week! And two new Behind the Storyboards strips as well! Please, hold your applause. (Okay, clap. Yay!)


  We live! And there is a new page, with two new Behind the Storyboards comics as well. Our scanner is still broken, so if anything looks weird, blame it on the digital camera. And the cats who love to sit on comics while we're photographing them.


  Sorry for the delay; life was full of dentistry and homework. Specifically, multiple root canals and a massive essay that turned out to not be due yet after all. Oh, and the scanner's mysteriously dead, so we're making do with the digital camera. But on the plus side, it's done now. And the comics of the camping trip are done too! *kermit* Yaaay! */kermit*


  No extras today, sadly, but there should be some good ones next week, likely centering around the fascinating camping trip we just took. In the rain. And melted snow. With insufficiant gear. But we brought a camera! Also light sabers, which make fantastic lanterns.


  So it turns out we were too busy taking pictures and having our pictures taken to draw comics at Wondercon, but there are a couple new Behind the Storyboards strips up. Now introducing Remisar Tinelliwyn, the Star Wars universe character who owns that bowel disruptor we were talking about on hourly comics day!


  No extras today, sad to say, but the update is on time, and there should be plenty of fun stuff next week. We'll be going to Wondercon, you see, and there should be plenty of things to draw comics about there.


  We're back with plot development and a good crop of art, including a retaliation fan comic for Insert Title Here! We hope it is sufficient repayment for the great things we've gotten -- or at least a good start!


  Lots of awesomeness this week! Firstly we have an official fan comic over at Insert Title Here (woohoo!), with promises of other art on the way. We shall have to draw something epic in return. Also new this week are slews of Behind the Storyboards strips, featuring a backlog of randomity and Nziz's contribution to Hourly Comics Day! For the uninitiated, that's the day of drawing a comic for each hour that you are awake. The nexus point can be found here. And because this post doesn't have nearly enough links in it already, here's the forum thread for Nziz/Mara's hourly comics. Huzzah! PS: We got haircuts, and donated the hair to make wigs for cancer patients. More on this next week when the comics for it are done.


  Tada! New page, new minicomics. And not quite on schedule, but at least it's an even week late -- almost like it was supposed to be updated today. Anyways! Enjoy.


  Behold! Another update, on schedule once again. One new page, and two new Behind the Storyboards comics. Also a picture of Stone's favorite Christmas present, courtesy of his lovely wife. It was custom made with love and comedy.


  We live! And we continue to draw. And we are delighted to reference the Sparta kick, in our own special way. (So what if it's an old joke; we didn't get to use it before. So there.) And in other news, we have some entertaining miscellania in Behind the Storyboards. Hooray!


  At long last, a new page! And of course some Behind the Storyboards as well. We went to a Christmas party on Friday, you see. Plenty of opportunity for comics!


  Here we see Gray do something awesome with that technicolor belt of hers, promptly stealing Jeriko's thunder. (Petty? Why, not at all.) And in other news, we have the last batch of Behind the Storyboards from that same weekend, and we have *trumpets* new fanart! And this one's pretty unique. Also very fun.


  As the jailbreak and banter continue, we have round two of the latest batch from Behind the Storyboards. And of more importance, our second piece of fanart! *confetti* Hooray! People like us! We're so happy.


  On the main page, the guards don't know what's about to hit them. On the art page, there's a new crop of comickery, inspired by a fun visit from friends. And there's more to come next week.


  Another nifty trick from Jeriko! More smiling! And three single-panel minicomics drawn by Stone instead of Nziz! And one of Stone's coworkers has her own webcomic, and the latest one has him in it! Truly these are epic times. And it's now officially National Novel Writing Month, the time of awesome things. Join the fun and write yourself a hilariously bad first draft of a novel! (Or even a good one.) Also: we now have a black president. Go us.


  Jeriko is still smiling, two weeks in a row! Truly one for the record books. And while on the subject of books, we have National Novel Writing Month to thank for the latest installment of silly comics. If you are at all the writerly sort and you have not heard of NaNoWriMo, then welcome to the world of warp-speed noveling! November is almost upon us; you have just enough time. Go see what you're missing. It is awesome.


  Today we see Jeriko do a Nifty New Trick! And on the sidelines, various shenanigans from Behind the Storyboards. Also of note is the fact that this is page #50, and the fact that this is the official first time we see Jeriko smile. Let's hear it for landmarks!


  And here's the promised last batch of minicomics to go with the new page. Next week, more entertainment and creative jailbreaking efforts. Won't that be fun?


  This new page of Alyssa & Timber's ongoing adventures in jail comes with the second-to-last installation of minicomics from the NERO event. There's just one more batch after this, and then it's back to our slightly more "normal" world. Slightly.


  So this update is a week late, but it comes with plenty of minicomics to make up for it. And there are many more for next week.


  Here is the new page, and not even half of the minicomics that arose from our recent campout-in-costume-with-combat. There are many more to come. As soon as they are inked.


  The camping made us miss a week, but as soon as we finish inking, there will be plenty of minicomics about it. Next week.


  This week there is but one piece of extra art, which looks pretty sad compared to the massive hauls we wound up with for the last two updates. Maybe next week there will be another pile of drawings, since we'll be going camping again. This time, in costume. With other people. And foam weapons. Should be great. It should also make the update a little late, but it'll surely be worth it.


  The update is late as promised, but there are plenty of extras to show for it! The camping trip didn't pan out, but this weekend was a blast nonetheless. All these minicomics were just from Friday.


  This week we have more Behind the Storyboards in the art section. Next week's update may be a couple days late, since we'll be camping, but that should give us plenty of time to draw. Woohoo!


  We promised another update with art, and here it is! Lots of it. Be amazed!

  Lo and behold, we update again! Amazing. There should even be art and life-comics with the next one. No, really! The hiatus is officially over. Alert the media.

  I'll bet you thought we were gone! Well, we're not, and here's a new page to prove it. We have a couple others already finished and ready to go, so we're going to try the Once A Week schedule again. Hoo-ray.

  New page, hallelujah, and the schedule is thoroughly thrown to the winds. But then you already knew that. The semester has started -- my last semester of grad school -- and then I will join my co-creator in The Real World. Should be fun. In other news, Mentos and Diet Coke do explode when mixed! Fantastic!

  So aparently winter break isn't as full of free time as one might assume. And since we'll be spending next week in Georgia, the next update may be somewhat behind schedule as well. (Schedule? What schedule?) The official word is: the comic will be updated whenever we manage to get around to it. But on the plus side, there will probably be other fun artstuff each time. Today there are five new pictures in the art section, and I'm posting a link to this one even though it has nothing to do with Salterre. For now, anyways; when a comic involves dimension-hopping, any crossover is possible!

  We live! And the semester is over, at long last! Now there should be time to do this thing properly, not to mention draw a bunch of other fun stuff. Back in August we took a road trip to Disneyland, and wound up chronicling some of the highlights in sketchy comic form. The first two are up in the art section, with more to come. There are about half a dozen sketched out already. Woo!

  Finally, another page! And what's more, there are four more minicomics in the art section. *confetti* We have other ones sketched out too, and we'll finish them as soon as we can. The cats demand and deserve lots of attention, as previously noted. Onward!

  New page! New character! Woo, mysteries! The next page will be finished when it's done, and we have no idea when that will be. Work, homework and stray kittens are higher priorities at the moment. A pity, I know, but the cats are adorable and will soon be ours, so you'll just have to forgive us some distraction. And the comic is now officially settled into this url. Yaaay!

  There were grand plans about being done with The Move by now, but life got in the way. So for the time being, there are two identical sites for Chronicles of Salterre. The only difference is the vote buttons. I'm hoping that there will be time to change the urls on the voting sites soon, and to turn the old site into a redirect link, and to scan all the fun behind-the-scenes short comics I've been drawing lately. There's a surprising amount of them for how busy Stone and I both are at the moment. What can I say, it's more fun than homework!

  All hail! Another page. And not only is it a new page, it is an explanatory page. Muahaha, things are becoming clearer. And! In other news! There are three new pictures up in the art section, and our first ever fanart, in its very own section. (It looks lonely. Perhaps you would like to give it some company? Do not be put off by its awesomeness.) Go! Frolic! Look at the stuff! Do not be alarmed by the falling html, as we put the finishing touches on the move!

  Obviously any statement made by the management here at Salterre Inc regarding "staying on schedule" should be disregarded as mere lunacy. So sorry for the delay; the responsible party shall be flogged with a pillow at the next available opportunity. Thank you; that is all. For now. [End transmission.]

  We're back, as promised. Barring even more unforeseen events, things should stay on schedule for a while. And soon this "elsewhere" scene will be explained, honest! The plot will progress, and wonderful things shall happen. That's an official decree.

  So much for summer free time. Hopefully the next update will be on time, but I wouldn't bet any money on it. Between now and this weekend the two of us have to move all of Stone's worldly possessions from one home to another, and this Saturday my family is leaving for a week-long vacation. We'll see what we can do in terms of updating, but if it's another Long Time between updates, fret not. We'll be back.

  Finally, the next page, and the new art! With more on the way. Whee-ha! It's almost summer vacation!

  Another update, but sadly no new art. Yarr, we be busy. 'Tis finals season, after all. Maybe we'll have that art ready next time.

  We update! And we bring ART! All rejoice! The pictures are sketchy and un-inked, but oh, they are fun. And there is more to come, because we forgot to scan a few. Whoops! More for next week!

  Tada, the new page is up, despite all odds! And ooo, magic... (Insert further interesting comments here.)

  This is the page that was supposed to take very little time to do, because all we had to draw for most of it was eyeballs. It ended up taking far more time than it should have, however, because we decided to color that blackness in on the computer instead of by hand. Bad idea. The paintbucket tool doesn't work when every panel is a million shades of white instead of one. Note to self...

  Behold! It is updated on time, and scanned with a real scanner. Which we have come to realize is a tiny bit smaller than the pages that we want to scan. *facepalm* Maybe we'll trim the rest of the pages in the sketchbook to fit. We'll figure it out. But meanwhile, behold again, for there is a new piece of art in the gallery, with more to come! Because we kinda forgot to scan those. Next weekend!

  Now isn't that a nifty trick? And apparently the scanner thing isn't a certainty, any more than that update-every-Sunday thing is (ha). This time it took us too long to finish in time to use the scanner, because we were busy watching our new Gargoyles DVD (Volume One of Season Two). So awesome. Anyone who was ever a fan needs to buy one now, because there's a rumor that there may not be a Volume Two if more of these don't sell. We cannot let that happen.

  Ha! It was scanned this time, with a real scanner! Take that, Murphy's Law! Oh, and we told you Timber wasn't dead. There's no way we'd kill off such a fun character only twenty pages in.

  Cuddly, isn't he? And tactful. And unwashed. And enigmatic. And much much more! *cheesy* Oh, and by the way: scanner next time. Or not. We'll see.

  Woohoo, lookit 'em run! Magical lightning saves the day. And maybe we'll get to use the scanner next time. Oy vey.

  Observe the nifty fight scene and the changing art style. Black clothes are much easier to draw this way; it's easier on the pens and the fingers. Plus it looks cool if done right. Hopefully we'll be able to use the nice new scanner next time, and avoid the annoying page-warping problems that give us those gray corners.

  Woo, it's Jeriko! Finally, the debut. This is the page that we wanted to add to last week's update. Next week's page will have more than one panel, and some nifty action as well. Things should start picking up around here!

  If the art looks a little different on this page, it's because we swapped roles: Stone pencilled and Nziz inked. And if you wouldn't have noticed the difference if I hadn't mentioned it, then our skillz mesh better than we thought. Go us! There were supposed to be two pages this week, but the second one's not finished. Dramatic page next week. And for those of you eagle eyes, that's not a continuity error in Timber's positioning. Alyssa turned him over while he was offscreen. :P
      P.S: The prayer came from Boondock Saints, an awesome movie. Go see it now.

  Sorry about that unexplained hiatus; first we had college finals to deal with, then holidays. But now it's winter break, and hopefully we can resume a normal schedule. There's even a non-crinkled Salterre alphabet up for show! Hooray! And next week's page should be something else to cheer about: we finally get to introduce Jeriko. This should be fun. (And for those of you worrying about Timber ... no need.)

  Alright folks, a new page is up as promised. And also as promised, we now have the Salterre Alphabet written out, albeit in pencil on crumpled binder paper. There hasn't been time to draw the letters on the computer and make a dignified-looking font of it, but at least it's written down. So until a more professional version comes along, here's the alphabet. Pretend it's an ancient artifact that has somehow survived the ages; those wrinkles have history. And enjoy the latest page, where something important begins to happen! Ooo, mysterious!

  Welcome to our comic, where we update every week except when we don't. *disgust* Sorry about that, folks; life happened. In the form of midterms, and a few other things. But now it's over, and we're back on schedule; we even have a working scanner (digital camera) again. Of course, November is National Novel Writing Month, so we may be slightly distracted by trying heroically to each write a crappy novel in 30 days. But at least we'll be enjoying ourselves in our distraction! And we'll do our best to stay on schedule. As for that alphabet key we promised you last time, that'll be up next week. Honest.

  Let it be observed that webcomicking is an adventure when all available scanning implements keep crapping out on you. We've resorted temporarily to using the school scanner, and emailing the pages home. Naturally that's difficult too. Oy vey. And on a different topic: we're still testing options when it comes to word bubbles and text. This current option is least time consuming, though slightly less pretty. We'll see how that goes. And! For those interested parties, we're working on an actual Salterre-speak alphabet, so you'll be able to decode what they're saying soon. The alphabet shall be posted next week, with appropriate fanfare.


  The latest page is up, and sorry about the wait. Blame the inker. (Stone says he's very sorry, and directs attention to the suddenly crazy-busy life he's leading.) At any rate, we're all set for next week, with both that layout and the next one sketched out already. So we're ahead of schedule now. Oh, and there's a new sketch up in the gallery. (How do you get pants on a werewolf, anyway?) P.S: We'd like to direct your attention to the new little button right above the date; there are about four thousand webcomics listed on that site, and we're steadily climbing the ranks. Boo-yah!

  New page up, well on schedule, and once again a bit of a cliffhanger. We love our surprises, yes we do. And for those of you who've been here before, you'll notice that it's actually the latest page up here on the main site, rather than the first. (What a novel concept!) You'll also notice some artistic testing on our part, in regards to the word bubbles. We're still seeing what works best for us in terms of looks, time, and effort. (Should be settled in soon.)

  This time we have... *drumroll* ...a double update! The crowd goes wild! (As well it should, since we slacked horribly last week.) To make up for last time, there are two new pages up; go here to see the first of them, then click "latest" for the other. Also! There is a new drawing up in the art section. It is another fascinating character who has yet to make an appearance. (But when he does, you won't be able to miss him!) Also, take note: next week we'll fix it so that the newest page shows up here, rather than the first. It's time.

  We live! The vacation hiatus was longer than expected, but we're back in business. And oh, such a business it will be. Page six is up, to finally show you what they see through that crack in the wall. (Yay!) We've got the next couple of pages planned out, and there will most likely be some goofy new art on the horizon as well. And who knows what else. (Plus we'll probably be changing the Page-One-on-the-main-site-forevar thing sometime soon; that's getting old.)

  Three cheers for the arrival of page five! And some art as well: another snippet of character development and some concept art. And as for the comic itself, we love our cliffhangers, yes we do! The next page is shaping up to be something fun. Hopefully it will be introduced to the world well on shedule, though both of us creative types will be vacationing on the other side of the country at the time, so this is rather up in the air. But we'll do our best. In the meantime, look at the wonderful people who've signed the guestbook so far! Hooray for them. What about the rest of you, eh? *nudge nudge*

  Page four is up, as promised. I think we'll be leaving page one on the main page for a while longer, at least until it won't spoil too much for any new readers to see the latest page first. And, since page four may not be enough to satisfy anyone's curiousity, there's some new art up as well. Huzzah! And the spiffy new guestbook is still waiting to be signed. (The smilies compel you!)

  The guestbook lives! All hail Bravenet.com, source of free webthings in impressive quantities! All that our shiny new guestbook lacks now is some signatures to make it feel useful. (Hint hint.) There's a vast smorgasbord of nifty smilies to play with there! Enough to keep anyone occupied for quite some time. Possibly until the next update (a few days now; we're sticking to the weekly schedule). Until then, have fun with the smilies! They even have Bert, Ernie, and Boba Fett; who could resist that?

  Greetings, and welcome to page one. Pages two and three can be found by clicking, and further pages will be added on a weekly basis. Eventually the layout will change to show the most recent page instead of the first, but as this is the beginning of everything now and we want people to read things in order, here's page one for you. Enjoy.

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